International Symposium Paul Coremans

A Belgian Monuments Man and his Impact on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Worldwide

15-17 June 2015

The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) organized this international symposium in honour of its founder and first director Paul Coremans (1908-1965). Fifty years after he passed away, it was a unique opportunity to look back at his extraordinary career. The impact of his innovative ideas and vision on the conservation and restoration of works of art has been of paramount importance on both a national and international level. His views, thoughts and achievements in the field were the focus of this international event.

This symposium highlighted Paul Coremans's broad-ranging fields of interest: the conservation of works of art in museums, preventive conservation/climate control, the protection of cultural heritage in times of war, the status and role of the restorer, the importance of photographic documentation and scientific research, and the forgery of works of art. Coremans's firmly held belief in the value of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of works of art was also being considered.

The KIK-IRPA wishes to thank all speakers for their enthousiastic contributions !

Scientific Committee:

Christina Ceulemans
Marie-Christine Claes
Marjolijn Debulpaep
Hilde De Clercq
Dominique Deneffe
Hélène Dubois
Dominique Vanwijnsberghe