Paolo Cremonesi

Currently working as free-lance cultural heritage chemist, Paolo’s academic qualifications include a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Milan, a PhD in Bio medicinal Chemistry from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and a Master degree in Restauration of Paintings on canvas and panel from the Instituto per l’arte e il restauro in Florence.

Over the past 20 years, Paolo has worked in the field of conservation of paintings, polychrome wooden sculpture and paper/library materials, collaborating with public institutions, universities, conservation schools, museums and private conservation studios in Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland in various activities such as research, teaching and consulting.
His research interests lie in developing materials and methods for cleaning.
Since 1995 he has been teaching a cleaning workshop in more than 60 Italian cities, as well as in France, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Finland, Denmark, Norway and, Austria.