Even today, traditional archives aren't accessible for everyone or in every country. Thanks to a globalized internet, the availability of cultural heritage data increases, thus adding to a global collective memory. The online exhibition wants to highlight the importance of sound and image collections and their preservation within the idea of the internet as a global collective memory. The central theme 'Family Life', allows to discuss this concept towards a large audience. After all 'family', no matter how diverse our world is and was, is a global concept which we can all relate to and which shapes our most precious memories. The content used in this online expo is derived from archives in Belgium, Kenia, ? (nog aan te vullen) and illustrates stages in life worldwide: starting with birth, to children's games, student life, weddings, traditional clothing etcetera. Worldwide our most precious memories are shaped by sounds and images. As such this heritage has the potential to be a catalyst in enhancing our knowledge of our global culture and history. . Preserving sound and image collections is thus vital. After all personal memories can become collective ones and as such contribute to a global history of the world.