Corporación de las Artes

The information gathered belongs to Norma Lopez de Victoria who found these photos in her personal family album. Photos like these show the importance of private content, because they also provide information about a collective memory.

Corporación de las Artes Puerto Rico

The Musical Arts Corporation (CAM) is a public corporation of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, created in 1985 with the mission to promote maximum enrichment of musical expression in and outside Puerto Rico.

The three central units of the Corporation at the time of its creation were the Casals Festival (1956), Symphony Orchestra of Puerto Rico (1957) and the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico (1959).

The Corporation of the Musical Arts is an important tool for social, cultural and spiritual transformation. Through its programs, meet the uncompromising commitment to educate and positively influence the quality of life of the Puerto Rican and the international community to contribute to that culture through the promotion and dissemination of the arts and music, facilitating the professional development of students, musicians and artists. It provides corporate structural framework that protects and serves, not only to the CMEA and COSPR, but also other subsequent initiatives to extend and reinforce its purpose and mission.

The main work of the CAM is to provide administrative and management support services necessary to its two subsidiary corporations and musician-social programs. Also it encourages the development of musical activity through its programs. So the CAM manages funds, financial aid and scholarships for young musicians and receives public funding from the Legislature to the Opera and Ballets de San Juan. On the other hand the CAM acts as the executive arm of the Board of Directors, an organization where all of the power and which determines public policy regarding our music and musical arts and stagecraft.